Completing Design of a SOA Composite Application

This section provides an overview of how to complete design of your SOA composite application and deploy the application.

  1. Design the remaining contents of your SOA composite application. For example:
    1. Connect the BPEL process to the adapter. For this example, the BPEL process is connected to the adapter as an external reference.

    2. Design the contents of the BPEL process. For example:
      1. Double-click the BPEL process.

      2. Add and configure an invoke activity to invoke the adapter.
        Description of erp_invoke.png follows
        Description of the illustration erp_invoke.png

      3. Add and configure assign activities to copy the contents of one variable to another when sending and receiving messages to and from the adapter.
        Description of erp_assign.png follows
        Description of the illustration erp_assign.png

      4. Add and configure other activities, as appropriate.

        When complete, view the SOA composite application in the SOA Composite Editor.
        Description of erp_composite_reference.png follows
        Description of the illustration erp_composite_reference.png

    For specific information about creating and designing SOA composite applications, see Developing SOA Applications with Oracle SOA Suite.
  2. Deploy the SOA composite application:


    You cannot use Oracle JDeveloper to deploy a SOA composite application to Oracle SOA Cloud Service.
    1. In the navigator, right-click the project and select Deploy > project_name.
    2. Follow the steps in the deployment wizard to deploy the SOA composite application to the application server.