To integrate with Oracle BPEL Process Manager, the organization's enterprise WSDL must be available to the user. The underlying adapter services are exposed as WSDL files, which are generated during design time in the configuration wizard of the Oracle RightNow adapter.

Use the generated WSDL files to design the appropriate BPEL processes for outbound adapter services. A completed BPEL process must be successfully compiled in JDeveloper and deployed to an SOA Suite server. Upon deployment to a SOA Suite server, each newly-deployed process is viewable in the Oracle Enterprise Manager Fusion Middleware Control, where you can run, monitor, administer BPEL processes, and monitor adapter events.

Understanding the Account Object

You create an Account object and integrate the WSDL with the Oracle BPEL Process Manager. Account is one of the standard objects provided by RightNow, an account generated for a staff member in the RightNow Cx system. Customer service representatives, sales agents, and site administrators use Accounts.

Specifically, an Account object on RightNow Cx represents an individual or business associated with the business.

The Oracle RightNow adapter enables you to create an Account object on RightNow Cx.