Understanding the SOAP API

The Oracle RightNow adapter requires a connection to enable you to perform operations on business objects. In addition to operations on business objects, the RightNow API model also includes a definition of the types of transactions used when the Oracle RightNow adapter communicates with RightNow Cx.

Understanding Objects

There are two types of objects upon which the Oracle RightNow adapter enables you to perform actions:

  • Standard business objects. These are objects delivered by the Oracle RightNow SaaS application. Primary objects are objects with a unique ID (primary key) which can be directly created, read, updated, and deleted. All primary objects inherit from the RightNow RNObject. Primary objects have no set lifecycle in the Oracle RightNow Cx platform, meaning that once the objects are created, they exist in the system until they are deleted. While primary objects have their own life cycle, sub objects that could be anywhere between 0 to many for a single primary object, live within the context of primary objects. Hence, their life cycle is based on the life cycle of the primary object. The exact lifecycle behavior for objects can be obtained from the relationship information contained in the metadata or in the object model documentation.

  • Custom business objects. A custom business object is an object that has been created by a customer. It can be modeled after any standard object, or it can be entirely unique. When created, custom objects are treated and act just like standard, primary objects. The only difference between the standard objects and custom objects is in the name of the object that is used. For the primary objects, you can use the name of the class such as 'Contact'. For custom objects, you can use the combination of the package name and custom object name to uniquely identify the custom object. The package name and object name are joined by a '.'. For example, if there was a custom object package called 'CO' and a custom object named PurchasedProduct you would reference this object as CO$PurchasedProduct.

Understanding Transactions

The RightNow adapter supports the message exchange patterns supported by RightNow SaaS application. It is a synchronous request - response based message exchange pattern. The BPEL / OSB application makes a synchronous request to RightNow adapter and waits for a response. The adapter in turn does the necessary transformation on the same thread before making a synchronous request to RightNow Cx Server using the RightNow SOAP API.

The response returned by RightNow application after necessary processing is in turn received by the calling thread. The adapter performs the transformation before sending the response back to BPEL / OSB based client application.

Every operation that writes to RightNow Cx object, such as create or update is, by default, committed. Batch Operation does enable the integration developer to override the default. For more information about batching support, see Using the Batching Feature.