8.1 Advantages of a Reference Configuration Domain

A Reference Configuration domain guards against the following:

Database Issues:
  • Quiesces SOA server when DB allocated space reaches the configured limit.
  • Provides optimum default values for database processes and parameters like distributed_lock_timeout and db_securefiles.
Memory Issues:
  • Triggers message throttling till the pressure on memory subsides.
  • Ramps up processing automatically when memory pressure eases.
  • Rejects input payload beyond default threshold.
Connectivity Issues:
  • Enables bounded retries on downstream failures.
  • Sets optimum default values for connection and read timeouts.
  • Provides optimum default JCA connection pool size
Thread Issues:
  • Tunes work managers for inbound/outbound services.
  • Limits the number of worker threads for JCA adapters.
  • Enables dynamic worker threads for JMS adapters.
  • Decouples work manager max thread constraint from SOA data source connection pool size.
  • Provides optimal default data source connection pool size.