Description of the illustration bp_ht_taskaction.gif

The image shows the Human Task editor. On the left are the following links from top to bottom: General, Data, Assignment, Presentation, Deadlines, Notification, Access (selected), and Events.

To the right, two tabs appear at the top: Content and Actions (selected). Below this are the words: Check action boxes to permit access, with two radio buttons: Coarse grained and Fine grained. Below this is a table with the following columns from left to right: Content, ADMIN, APPROVER, ASSIGNEES, CREATOR, OWNER, and REVIEWERS. The Content column includes the following entries: APPROVE, REJECT, ACQUIRE, AD_HOC_ROUTE, DELEGATE, and DELETE. The entry for the other columns in this table is a check box that can be selected. Below the table is the Signature Policy list. Below this is the Specify Restricted Assignment section. To the right is the button named Configured Restricted Assignments.