The image shows the "BPEL Message Recovery Required" message, the Show Details link, the Go to BPEL Recovery Console link, the Set Time Threshold link, and the Disable Alert link at the top. Below this is the home page of a SOA composite application. The following labels, buttons, and icons appear at the top from left to right: Running label, Total label, Active button, Retire button, Shut Down button, Test button, Settings button, two icons, and the Related Links icon. Below this are the following tabs from left to right: Dashboard, Instances, Faults and Rejected Messages, Unit Tests, and Policies. Below this is the Recent Instances section. which includes a Show Only Running Instances checkbox, Running value, Total value, and table consisting of the following columns from left to right: Instance ID, Name, Conversation ID, Instance State, and Start Time.

Below this is the Recent Faults and Rejected Messages section, which includes a Show only system faults checkbox, and a table with the following columns from left to right: Error Message, Recovery, Fault Time, Fault Location, Composite Instance ID, and Logs.