Description of the illustration soa-infra-dashboard.png

The image shows the Dashboard page of the SOA Infrastructure. At the top are the Dashboard, Deployment Composites, Flow Instances, and Error Hospital tabs. Below this is the Key Configuration section, with details for Profile, Instance Tracking, Default Query Duration, and Auto Purged. To the right is the Business Transaction Faults section, which includes the Last list and Hours list. To the right is a refresh icon. To the right is the Search section, which includes the Instances and Bulk Recovery Jobs radio buttons. Below this is the recent instances in the last 24 hours, with links for With Faults and All. Below this is the Composite field, Instance Name field, Sensor Name field, and Sensor Value field. Below this is the Search Instances button.

Below the Key Configuration section is the SOA Runtime Health section, which includes the soa-infra link and data source unavailable link. To the right is the Composites and Adapter Availability section, which includes the soa_server list, No composite startup errors message, EIS connectivity errors message, All composites are up message, and all adapter endpoint services are up message.

Below the SOA Runtime Health section is the System Backlogs section, which includes two lists, and the Messages in Queues subsection, with details about BPEL invoke and callback messages. To the right is the Fault Alerts section, with radio buttons for All, System, and Partition. Below this is a fault alerts link.