Description of the illustration bpel-translate-schema-file.png

This image shows the File Description page of the Native Format Builder wizard.Below this are the File name field. To the right is the Browse button. Below this are the Number of rows to stop list, Number of rows to sample field, All rows checkbox, Number of data rows to process field, and All rows checkbox. Below this is the Character set list. Below this is the Select schema and payload validation flags section. This section includes the Validate Schema checkbox, Validate Payload at Top level checkbox, and Validate Payload at Field level checkbox. Below this is the Select Complex Look Ahead Processing Flag section, which includes the Report Look Ahead Error checkbox and Unique Message Separator list. At the bottom are the C1, C2, C3, C4, C5, and C6 columns. At the bottom are the Help, Back, Next, Finish, and Cancel buttons.