Description of the illustration bpmdg_jd_012.gif

The image shows a diagram of what happens when one request results in multiple responses. The following actions take place:

  1. The client BPEL process has an invoke activity to send a request to the service BPEL process, and a sequence activity that manages the multiple responses that will return. The sequence activity contains three receive activities.

  2. This invoke activity sends its request, by way of a WSDL client partner link, to the service BPEL process.

  3. The service BPEL process has a receive activity to receive the client's response, and a sequence activity to manage the responses it will send.

  4. The service BPEL process's receive activity sends its data to the sequence activity. In turn, the sequence activity's three invoke activities send responses back to their corresponding receive activities in the client BPEL process, by way of the WSDL client partner link.