Description of the illustration soase_jd_003.png

This image shows a dashed box at the top labeled Service Archive: Composite (deployment unit). Inside this are four boxes labeled Loan Process, APR Rule, Manager Review Task, and EBS Customer View.

Below this is a box with five subboxes inside labeled, from left to right, BPEL Process Manager, Business Rules, Oracle Mediator, and Human Task. The left side of this box connects to two databases outside the box labeled UDDI and MDS. The right side of this box connects to two descriptions outside the box: 1) Service Engines - Containers that host the component business logic and 2) Service Infrastructure - Picks up SOAP message from binding component and determines the intended component target.

Also inside the box and below the Business Rules box is an envelope that connects on its left side up to the Loan Process box. The right side of the envelope connects up to the box labeled Manager Review Task.

Below this box are six circles labeled BAM, B2B, HTTP SOAP, SDO ADF/BC, and JCA Adapters. To the right of these circles is the following description: Binding Components - Connect SOA applications to the outside world. The HTTP SOAP circle connects down to a box labeled .NET Payment Calculator. This box has the following description to its right: Sends a SOAP message to the SOA application. The HTTP SOAP circle connects up to the box labeled Loan Process.