Class ContainsOPToken

  • public class ContainsOPToken
    extends OPToken
    ContainsOPToken is used to implement a contains operation that checks for membership in a list. Example "x contains 5". The parsing can support the additional keywors "any" or "all" as in "x contains any (4,8,9)".
    djl 2009.03.14
    • Constructor Detail

      • ContainsOPToken

        public ContainsOPToken​(String sId,
                               int nBp)
        Construct a new ContainsOPToken with the given parameters.
        sId - string identifier for this token
        nBp - the binding power for this token
    • Method Detail

      • led

        public Term led​(OPParser p,
                        Term leftNode)
        Process this token and possibly the given leftNodein the context of a parser with the left denotation. A led method typically will be interested t in the token to the left. The processing results in an Abstract Syntax Tree Node that captures the meaning
        led in class OPToken
        p - the parser that is the context for parsing
        leftNode - an ast Term that the token is possibly interested in
        an AstNode