Class WrapperCacheService

    • Constructor Detail

      • WrapperCacheService

        public WrapperCacheService​(CacheService service)
        Create a new WrapperCacheService that delegates to the given CacheService instance.
        service - the CacheService to wrap
    • Method Detail

      • setBackingMapManager

        public void setBackingMapManager​(BackingMapManager manager)
        Set a backing map manager to be used by this CacheService to create underlying stores for the cached data. Some cache services may choose to ignore this setting.
        Specified by:
        setBackingMapManager in interface CacheService
        manager - a backing map manager
      • ensureCache

        public NamedCache ensureCache​(String sName,
                                      ClassLoader loader)
        Obtain a NamedCache interface that provides a view of resources shared among members of a cluster. The view is identified by name within this CacheService. Typically, repeated calls to this method with the same view name and class loader instance will result in the same view reference being returned.
        Specified by:
        ensureCache in interface CacheService
        sName - the name, within this CacheService, that uniquely identifies a view; null is legal, and may imply a default name
        loader - ClassLoader that should be used to deserialize objects inserted in the map by other members of the cluster; null is legal, and implies the default ClassLoader, which will typically be the context ClassLoader for this service
        a NamedCache interface which can be used to access the resources of the specified view
      • getCacheNames

        public Enumeration getCacheNames()
        Returns an Enumeration of String objects, one for each cache name that has been previously registered with this CacheService.
        Specified by:
        getCacheNames in interface CacheService
        Enumeration of cache names
      • releaseCache

        public void releaseCache​(NamedCache map)
        Release local resources associated with the specified instance of the cache. This invalidates a reference obtained by using the CacheService.ensureCache(String, ClassLoader) method.

        Releasing a Map reference to a cache makes the Map reference no longer usable, but does not affect the cache itself. In other words, all other references to the cache will still be valid, and the cache data is not affected by releasing the reference.

        The reference that is released using this method can no longer be used; any attempt to use the reference will result in an exception.

        The purpose for releasing a cache reference is to allow the cache implementation to release the ClassLoader used to deserialize items in the cache. The cache implementation ensures that all references to that ClassLoader are released. This implies that objects in the cache that were loaded by that ClassLoader will be re-serialized to release their hold on that ClassLoader. The result is that the ClassLoader can be garbage-collected by Java in situations where the cache is operating in an application server and applications are dynamically loaded and unloaded.

        Specified by:
        releaseCache in interface CacheService
        map - the cache object to be released
        See Also:
      • destroyCache

        public void destroyCache​(NamedCache map)
        Release and destroy the specified cache.

        Warning: This method is used to completely destroy the specified cache across the cluster. All references in the entire cluster to this cache will be invalidated, the cached data will be cleared, and all resources will be released.

        Specified by:
        destroyCache in interface CacheService
        map - the cache object to be released
        See Also:
      • setDependencies

        public void setDependencies​(ServiceDependencies deps)
        Configure the Service.

        This method can only be called before the Service is started.

        Specified by:
        setDependencies in interface Service
        setDependencies in class WrapperService
        deps - the dependencies object carrying configuration information specific to this Service
      • getCacheService

        public CacheService getCacheService()
        Return the wrapped CacheService.
        the wrapped CacheService