Interface EventDispatcherRegistry

  • public interface EventDispatcherRegistry
    An EventDispatcherRegistry manages the registration of EventDispatchers. The registration of an EventDispatcher results in all known and future EventInterceptors to be informed of the new EventDispatcher. Unregistering an EventDispatcher causes it to no longer be informed of any registered EventInterceptors.
    Coherence 12.1.2
    hr 2012.09.21
    • Method Detail

      • registerEventDispatcher

        void registerEventDispatcher​(EventDispatcher dispatcher)
        Add the specified EventDispatcher to the list of known EventDispatchers that are informed about registered EventInterceptors.

        When the EventDispatcher is added, it is introduced to all known EventInterceptors.

        dispatcher - the EventDispatcher to register
      • unregisterEventDispatcher

        void unregisterEventDispatcher​(EventDispatcher dispatcher)
        Remove the specified EventDispatcher from the list of known EventDispatchers.
        dispatcher - the EventDispatcher to be removed