Class MapTriggerListener

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    MapListener, EventListener

    public class MapTriggerListener
    extends MultiplexingMapListener
    MapTriggerListener is a special purpose MapListener implementation that is used to register a MapTrigger on a corresponding ObservableMap.

    Note: Currently, the MapTriggerListener can only be registered with partitioned caches and only "globally" (without specifying any filter or key), using the ObservableMap.addMapListener(MapListener) method.

    Coherence 3.4
    cp/gg 2008.03.11
    • Constructor Detail

      • MapTriggerListener

        public MapTriggerListener​(MapTrigger trigger)
        Construct a MapTriggerListener that can be used to register the specified MapTrigger.
        trigger - the MapTrigger
    • Method Detail

      • getTrigger

        public MapTrigger getTrigger()
        Obtain the MapTrigger agent represented by this TriggerListener.
        the MapTrigger agent represented by this TriggerListener
      • onMapEvent

        protected void onMapEvent​(MapEvent evt)
        Invoked when a map entry has been inserted, updated or deleted. To determine what action has occurred, use MapEvent.getId().
        Specified by:
        onMapEvent in class MultiplexingMapListener
        evt - the MapEvent carrying the insert, update or delete information