Class SegmentedHashSet

    • Constructor Detail

      • SegmentedHashSet

        public SegmentedHashSet()
        Construct a thread-safe hash set using the default settings.
      • SegmentedHashSet

        public SegmentedHashSet​(int cInitialBuckets,
                                float flLoadFactor,
                                float flGrowthRate)
        Construct a thread-safe hash set using the specified settings.
        cInitialBuckets - the initial number of hash buckets, 0 < n
        flLoadFactor - the acceptable load factor before resizing occurs, 0 < n, such that a load factor of 1.0 causes resizing when the number of entries exceeds the number of buckets
        flGrowthRate - the rate of bucket growth when a resize occurs, 0 < n, such that a growth rate of 1.0 will double the number of buckets: bucketcount = bucketcount * (1 + growthrate)
    • Method Detail

      • instantiateMap

        protected Map instantiateMap()
        Factory pattern: Provide an underlying Map for this Set implementation to store its contents in.
        instantiateMap in class MapSet
        a new Map instance