This graphic contains four boxes, labeled "Machine A", "Machine B", "Machine C", "Machine D", and a database labeled "Lease Table".

Machine A contains an "Administration Server."

Machine B contains "Node Manager" and "Managed Server 1 (Migratable), Cluster Master". Machine C contains "Node Manager." and "Managed Server 2 (Migratable)". Machine C is crossed out. Machine D contains "Node Manager" and "Managed Server 2 (Migratable)" and a Database.

Arrows connect the parts as follows:

Arrow 1, "Machine C fails" points to Machine C. The Lease Table points to Managed Server 1 with arrow 2, "Cluster Manager detects that MS2's lease is expired". Managed Server 1 points to Machine C with arrow 3, "Cluster Manager tries to contact NM". Managed Server 1 also points to the Node Manger on Machine D with arrow 4, "Cluster Master contacts NM".

The Node Manager on Machine D points to Managed Server 2 with arrow 5, "Start MS2". Managed Server 2 points to the Lease Table with arrow 7, "Obtain lease". Managed Server 2 also points to its associated database on Machine D with arrow 8, "Cache config".