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Configure a messaging bridge for high availability

Before you begin

The bridge high availability (HA) and distribution settings take effect when a bridge is cluster-targeted. Consequently, you should configure the HA settings on a bridge when it is:

The HA and distribution settings on a bridge are not applicable when it is:

If the bridge HA settings apply to your use case:

  1. In the left pane of the Console, expand Services, expand Messaging, and select Bridges.
  2. On the Summary of Messaging Bridges page, select the bridge you want to configure.

    If the table is empty, refer to Create messaging bridge instances.

  3. On the Configuration > High Availability page, update as necessary:
    1. Distribution Policy and Migration Policy:
      • For distributed “one instance per server” cluster-targeted bridges, Oracle strongly recommends setting the Distribution Policy and Migration Policy to Distributed and Off, respectively. These are the defaults.
      • For singleton “one instance per cluster” cluster-targeted bridges, set the Distribution Policy and Migration Policy to Singleton and On-Failure, respectively.

      Note: Cluster leasing must be configured on the cluster when the Migration Policy is not set to Off.

    2. Initial Boot Delay Seconds, Failback Delay Seconds, and Partial Cluster Stability Seconds: These fine tuning settings apply only when a bridge is cluster-targeted and the Migration Policy is not set to Off.
      • Initial Boot Delay Seconds: Seconds to delay before starting a messaging bridge instance after a failure.
      • Failback Delay Seconds: Seconds to delay before failing a distributed messaging bridge instance back to its preferred server after a failure.
      • Partial Cluster Stability Delay Seconds: Seconds to delay before a partially started cluster should try to start bridge instances.
    3. Disregard the Restart In Place, Seconds Between Restarts, and Number Of Restart Attempts settings as these are not applicable to messaging bridges. Message bridges restart failed JMS connections automatically regardless.

    For more information on the configuration attributes, see Configuration Options.

  4. Click Save.

After you finish

Changing a messaging bridge HA configuration requires a server or cluster restart.

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