1 Introduction to Developing Scripts with Oracle WebCenter Enterprise Capture

This chapter provides an introduction to developing scripts for Oracle WebCenter Enterprise Capture.

A script is a custom piece of code consumed by the Capture client or a batch processor (Import or Recognition) that allows you to customize functionality beyond existing configuration settings. For example, you might incorporate a script to change the first letter of a name to uppercase or to use a proprietary calculation to validate an account number used in a transaction.

For scripting, Capture uses the JavaScript script engine included with the Java Runtime Environment. Refer to the Oracle Java documentation for more information.

Scripts can be incorporated in the following Capture components:

  • Client

    Client Scripts are JavaScript modules that enable you to customize the behavior of certain client events. To use one or more scripts in a client profile, a workspace manager selects and orders them in an extension profile.

  • Recognition Processor

    Recognition Processor scripts allow you to customize the behavior of certain recognition job events.

  • Import Processor

    Import Processor scripts allow you to customize the behavior of certain import job events.

    For more information on incorporating scripts in Capture, see Managing Oracle WebCenter Enterprise Capture.

Developing Scripts with WebCenter Enterprise Capture

The following are the main steps for developing and incorporating scripts in Capture components:

  1. For each Capture component, write the JavaScript using the events and classes. For more information, refer to the following component's chapter:
  2. On the Advanced tab of a selected workspace in the WebCenter Enterprise Capture Workspace Console, a workspace manager adds the script by identifying its component type and loading the script file.
  3. In a client profile or an import or Recognition Processor job, the workspace manager then selects the script for use.

    Note that workspace managers can incorporate multiple client scripts in a client profile and specify the order in which they are executed. For more information, see Managing Oracle WebCenter Enterprise Capture.