This guide describes how to use the Oracle WebCenter Enterprise Capture workspace console to configure and manage Capture workspaces.


This document is intended for workspace managers responsible for a Capture environment. Managers use the console to create workspace elements such as metadata fields, client and commit profiles, and automated processor jobs.

This document may also be used by workspace viewers who have read-only access to a workspace.

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Capture Workspace Console Accessibility Features

The following topics detail the features available in the Capture workspace console to support accessibility:

User Preferences

Login to Capture workspace console (Accessing the Capture Workspace Console), click the drop-down list arrow in the upper right corner of the window and select Preferences.

The User Preferences window is displayed. Select the I use a screen reader option in the Accessibility field to use a screen reader.

Capture Workspace Console Keyboard Shortcuts

The shortcuts listed in the following table are available in the Capture workspace console user interface:

Keyboard Shortcut Description

Alt + X (Internet Explorer), Alt + Shift + X (Mozilla Firefox)

Focuses on and executes the Next button to move forward to the next train stop.

Alt + C (Internet Explorer), Alt + Shift + C (Mozilla Firefox)

Focuses on and executes the Cancel button to cancel the current operation.

Alt + S (Internet Explorer), Alt + Shift + S (Mozilla Firefox)

Focuses on and executes the Submit button to save changes and exit the window.

Alt + B (Internet Explorer), Alt + Shift + B (Mozilla Firefox)

Focuses on and executes the Back button to return to a previous train stop.

Capture Client Java Certification

The WebCenter Enterprise Capture client is a Java application. It is supported only on Microsoft Windows Operating System versions where JDK/JRE 8 is supported. At this time, see the following link for the list of JDK/JRE 8 supported Windows Operating Systems:


Vista is no longer a Microsoft supported operating system. Please refer to Microsoft Windows Operating System minimum hardware requirements for each OS for further hardware details as the same minimum hardware specifications are required.

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