Description of the illustration wcsug_mbfb_feedabacked.gif

This figure shows the Add Feedback dialog which includes the rich text editor. The rich text editor includes a font drop-down list, a font size selector, an undo icon, a redo icon, a clear styling icon, a rich text editing mode icon, a source code editing mode icon, a text color drop-down list, a background color drop-down list, a bold icon, an italic icon, an underline icon, a subscript icon, a superscript icon, a strike-through icon, a left-justify icon, a center-justify icon, a right-justify icon, a full-justify icon, a bulleted list icon, a numbered list icon, an outdent icon, an indent icon, an add link icon, a remove link icon, and a text box. At the bottom of the dialog are two buttons: "Save and Close" and "Cancel."