1 New Features and Certifications

This chapter discusses new features, deprecated features, as well as certification and support information.

1.1 New Features

For information on the new features added in Release see What's New for Oracle WebCenter Sites.

1.2 Purpose of this Document

This document contains the release information for Oracle WebCenter Sites Release It describes differences between Oracle WebCenter Sites and its documented functionality.

Oracle recommends that you review its contents before installing or working with the product.

1.3 System Requirements and Specifications

Oracle WebCenter Sites installation and configuration will not complete successfully unless users meet the hardware and software prerequisite requirements before installation.

For more information, see System Requirements and Specifications.

1.4 Deprecated Features

Deprecation of IBM DB2 Certification with Oracle WebCenter Sites

Oracle announces the deprecation of IBM DB2 certification with the Oracle WebCenter Sites release, with the intent to remove IBM DB2 from future Oracle WebCenter Sites releases. For more information, see support note 2525290.1 on My Oracle Support.

Features Deprecated Since 12.2.1 Release

The following features have been deprecated since 12.2.1 release:
  • Legacy Sites such as Hello Asset World, Burlington Financials, and GE Lightings

  • Page Debugger

  • SOAP-based web services

  • WebCenter Sites Analytics 2.5

  • WebCenter Sites Gadgets and Gadget Server

  • WebCenter Sites Content Integration Platform - EMC Documentum

  • WebCenter Sites Content Integration Platform Filesystem

  • WebCenter Sites Content Integration Platform Sharepoint

  • WebCenter Sites Integration with Endeca

  • WebCenter Sites Janrain Integration

  • WebCenter Sites Native authentication in Community/Gadgets

  • WebCenter Sites Netomat Mobility Server

  • Export (static) to Disk is not supported and is deprecated.

1.5 Certification Information

The latest certification information for Oracle WebCenter Sites 12c ( is available at the Oracle Fusion Middleware Supported System Configurations page.

1.6 Product Documentation

For developer information, see Introduction to Developing with WebCenter Sites in Developing with Oracle WebCenter Sites.

For administrator information, see Introduction to Oracle WebCenter Sites in Administering Oracle WebCenter Sites.

For user information, see Introduction to Oracle WebCenter Sites in Using Oracle WebCenter Sites.

For properties information, see Oracle WebCenter Sites JSON Property File in Property Files Reference for Oracle WebCenter Sites.

1.7 Oracle Support

Oracle customers that have purchased support have access to electronic support through My Oracle Support at https://support.oracle.com.

1.8 Downloading and Applying Required Patches

After you install and configure Oracle WebCenter Sites Release, there might be cases where additional patches are required to address specific known issues.

Complete the following steps to obtain a patch:
  1. Log in to the My Oracle Support web site at https://myoraclesupport.com/.
  2. Click the Patches & Updates tab.
  3. Use the Patch Search area to locate patches.
  4. On the Patch Search Results page, select a patch and click Download to download the patch.
  5. Install the patch by following the instructions in the README file that is included with the patch.

1.9 Licensing Information

Licensing information for Oracle Fusion Middleware is available at:

Oracle® Fusion Middleware Licensing Information User Manual