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This tag permanently removes assets previously marked void.



LIST (optional)
Input. List of assets which are candidates for delete. List must have columns assetid and assettype. Assets on the list should have been previously marked void using the ASSET.VOID tag. If this optional parameter is not supplied the tag will consider all assets marked void in the system to be candidates for delete.

Input. If set to true any asset type which is using revision tracking will be skipped.


This tag is used to permanently remove assets and their associated data which have previously been marked for delete using the ASSET.VOID tag. If no list of candidate assets is passed in all assets in the system will be considered candidates. Assets will only be removed from the system if they are indeed marked for delete (status='VO'), the publish approval system considers them to be safe to delete (there are no pending publish for the asset) and there is no running publish session involving the assets.

Error Numbers

The possible values of errno include:

-10004 A required parameter is missing. List was specified but no list found.
Publish in progress.


This example will permanently remove any assets marked void which are legal to delete.

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