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Queries the SitePlanTree table and returns the node ID of the specified page asset.



NAME (required)
Input. Name assigned to the page asset whose node ID you want to retrieve. This page asset must be loaded and assigned a name before you can pass its name to this tag. (See ASSET.LOAD .) If this asset is not a page, Sites cannot return a node ID.

OUTPUT (required)
Input. The variable name to assign to the page asset's node ID.


The relationships set up between page assets on the site tree in the Sites main window are stored in the SitePlanTree table. This tag uses the object ID of a page asset to retrieve its node ID from that table.

You can then use the node ID to acquire information about the site's hierarchy to use for display: for example, to create a navigation bar with links to section pages or a link back to the parent page.

Error Numbers

The possible values of errno include:

A required parameter is missing.
The requested object is not in the object pool (is not loaded into memory)


This code loads a page asset and then determines the site node of that page:

See Also

The tags described in Role List Tags .

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