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Get an IList of the translations of this asset.


        list="name of output list"
        name="name of asset whose relatives will be returned"
       [filter="name of loaded dimension filter"]


list (required)
The name of the IList in the ICS object pool that will contain the translations. The IList has 2 columns: TYPE, OBJECTID, corresponding to the asset type and the the asset id.
name (optional)
The name of the loaded asset whose translations will be returned.
The name of a loaded dimension filter that can filter the translations. If not specified, the results will not be filtered.


Get an IList of the translations of this asset.

Translations are assets that share the same dimension parent in the locale dimension group. The IList has 2 columns: TYPE and OBJECTID corresponding to the relative's asset type and asset id.

Error Numbers

There are no possible errno for this tag.


The following demonstrates how it is possible to get the translations of an asset.

    <asset.gettranslations name="a1" list="a1.translations.list"/>

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