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Parses XML and sets Sites variables which can then be gathered to set values in the asset.


If you use ASSET.IMPORT to gather values into a flex asset, you must provide an asset subtype using the SUBTYPE parameter.



NAME (required)
Name of the asset instance object.

PREFIX (required)
Prefix to use when setting ICS variable names. The variable names are prefix:attribute.

XML (required if FILE not specified)
XML code that is parsed.

FILE (required if XML not specified)
Path to file containing XML code that is parsed. This parameter takes precedence over XML.

PUBID (optional)
Site (formerly publication) ID.

SUBTYPE (optional, unless using this tag for a flex asset)
Asset subtype.

Error Numbers

The possible values of errno include:

Bad XML syntax.
A required parameter is missing.
The requested object is not in the object pool (is not loaded into
An asset was not found for a specified ID.
Required field missing.
Incorrect data type.
Data out of range.
A field sent to the save asset function (after XML parsing) was too long.
No subtype supplied or the supplied subtype is incorrect.


The following code is an example of how to export a simple asset and import it in a newly created asset. This code exports a 'Collection' with id 968769614795 and then imports it into the new asset.

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