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Retrieves data, creates Sites variables for all data of the loaded asset, and lists ("scatters") the values from all the fields of a loaded asset object. (To obtain just one field value, use ASSET.GET .)



NAME (required)
Input. The name assigned to the asset whose fields you want to list (scatter). This asset must be loaded and assigned a name before you can pass its name to this tag. (See ASSET.LOAD .)

PREFIX (optional)
Input. Optional but rarely omitted. Specifies a string to be included in the name of the variables that store the asset's information. When you specify a prefix, you then create your variables by using a colon to separate the prefix from the field name. For example, if you specify PREFIX="article", your variables would be Variables.article:fieldname.

FIELDLIST (optional)
Input. A comma separated list of fields to scatter (or not to scatter if exclude field is set to true). If omitted, and exclude is not true, the fields of the primary asset table will be scatterd. If omitted, and exclude is set to true, all fields of the asset will be scattered.

The following key words can be used to represent groups of attributes:

EXCLUDE (optional)
Input. If set to true, specifies that all but those fields specified in the fieldlist argument should be scattered. By default, exclude is false.


This tag retrieves values from the fields of a previously loaded asset and then writes them into memory (session information) as variables. The variables are constructed with the prefix that you supply with the PREFIX parameter. After you use this tag, you can display the information contained in the asset's fields. This tag only supports plain text or HTML files.

Use this tag rather than multiple ASSET.GET commands when you want to retrieve more than a couple of fields.

ASSET.SCATTER does not retrieve and scatter the contents of URL fields. To retrieve the contents of URL fields use the ICS.GETVAR tag or the BlobServer.

The property xcelerate.assettype.loadonscatter located in the futuretense_xcel.ini file, can contain a comma-separated list of URL fields to be loaded when the ASSET.SCATTER tag is used. For instance, if you want Article's urlbody field to behave this way set the property xcelerate.Article.loadonscatter to urlbody.

Error Numbers

The possible values of errno include:

A required parameter is missing.
The requested object is not in the object pool (is not loaded into memory).


This code retrieves values from a loaded asset named Article1, writes variables for those values into memory, and then displays the data in the asset's description and abstract fields:

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