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This tag sets the dimensionable asset parent instances for a given asset.


    <asset.dimensionparentrelationship ... />
</asset.setdimparents >


name (required)
The name of the asset that will receive the dimension parent relationship.


asset.dimensionparentrelationship (required)
Tag defining the name of a dimension parent, as well as the dimension group to which the parent applies.


This tag sets the dimensionable asset parent instances for a given asset. Parents are specified using the asset.dimensionparentrelationship tag. Dimension parents are related to the asset based on a group, which categorizes all assets that are related to one another. For example, one group of assets may be translations, while another group may be different brands.

Error Numbers

There are no possible errno for this tag.


This example sets the dimension with id corresponding to the variable mda-d1.dimension.id into the asset a5. It also creates a dimension parent relationship between the asset of type "Variables.mda:c8" and id "Variables.mda:cid8" into the asset a5 as a translation (using the group Locale.

 <asset.setdimensions name="a5">
     <asset.asset type="Dimension" assetid="Variables.mda-d1.dimension.id"/>
 <asset.setdimparents name="a5">
     <asset.dimensionparentrelationship group="Locale" 
		type="Variables.mda:c8" assetid="Variables.mda:cid8"/>

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