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Queries the SitePlanTree table and then loads the parent page of the specified page asset into memory as an object.



NAME (required)
Input. The name of the page asset whose parent page you want to load. This page asset must be loaded and assigned a name before you can pass its name to this tag. (See ASSET.LOAD .)

OUTNAME (required)
Input. The name to assign to the parent page object.


This tag queries the SitePlanTree table and then loads as an object the parent page of the specified page asset. It functions similarly to ASSET.LOAD.

You typically use this tag to display information about the hierarchical position of the current page; for example, to create a link to the current page's parent page. This tag determines the parent page and then loads the parent page in one database query.

Error Numbers

The possible values of errno include:

No parent exists.
There is a missing method for the implementing class.
The method could not be invoked successfully.
A required parameter is missing.
The requested object is not in the object pool (is not loaded into memory).
The version of the object is not valid.
The node ID of the object is not valid.
More than one object met the specified criteria.
The specified value is not valid.


This code loads a page asset, loads its parent page, extracts the name of the parent page asset, and then displays the name:

See Also

The tags described in Role List Tags .

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