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Enumerates the assets in the named set and recalculates the rating for each one according to the rules that apply to it.



NAME (required)
Input parameter. Name of the assetset object.

Input parameter. Default rating for assets that do not have one. If you do not declare a value, unrated assets are assigned a default rating of 50 on a scale of 0-100.


This tag can be used to refresh the ratings of the assets in the set when visitor data that could effect their ratings has changed since the first time the assets' ratings were requested.

If the assetset on which it is invoked is not sufficiently constrained, this tag might take considerable time and memory to return a result. Web designers should take this into account when designing the site, and try to limit the size of assetsets on which this operation is performed.

Ratings are established (refreshed) and stored for all the assets in the set. Assets that return with a value of 0 are deleted from the set.


If all the assets return with a 0 rating, the assetset is empty.Check the assetset after you use this tag to determine whether the set has assets. For example, use <IF COND="list.#numRows=0"/> and then code an appropriate action if the assetset is empty.

This tag also invokes the COMMERCECONTEXT.GETRATINGS tag. For information about ratings, see the Sites Developer's Guide.

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