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Creates an assetset object which represents all assets of specific types narrowed by specified search criteria.



NAME (required)
Input and output parameter. As input, name of the assetset object to create on output, representing the specific asset types and search criteria.

ASSETTYPES (optional)
Input parameter. A string of asset types; for example, "Products, AArticles, AImages", to include in building the set. Identifying specific assets is recommended, since the search becomes much slower for each asset type searched. If null, then all assets in the system are considered.

CONSTRAINT (optional)
Input parameter. Name of a searchstate object describing the search constraint.

LOCALE (optional)
Input parameter. Name of a locale object, which determines sort order.

SITE (optional)
Input parameter. Site identifier to search.

DEPTYPE (optional)
Specifies whether approval dependency is exact, exists or greater.

Legal values are:


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