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This tag is a special argument tag to the ASSETSET.GETMULTIPLEVALUES tag that specifies the content of the sort list.


          attributetypename="attribute type"
          attributename="attribute name"
          [direction="ascending|descending"] />


attributetypename (required)
The name of the attribute type to be added to the sort list.
attributename (required)
The name of the attribute (of the type specified in attributetypename) to be added to the sort list.
direction (optional)
The direction in which the assetset should be sorted, based on this attribute value. The default value is ascending.


This tag provides a shorthand way of specifying the sort list to be used in the ASSETSET.GETMULTIPLEVALUES tag. Rather than using the listobject tag family, this set lets the sort list be populated directly as nested tags inside the ASSETSET.GETMULTIPLEVALUEStag.

The rules for the sort list are defined in the ASSETSET.GETMULTIPLEVALUES tag.

Error Numbers

The possible values of errno include:

A required parameter is missing .


This example reads two attribute values from the assetset object myassetset, "lumens" and "bulbsize".

    <ASSETSET.SORTLISTENTRY attributetypename="PAttributes" attributename="bulbsize"/>
    <ASSETSET.SORTLISTENTRY attributetypename="PAttributes" attributename="lumens" DIRECTION="ascending"/>

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