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Processes the content of an element.



NAME (required)
Name of the element to call.

PACKEDARGS (optional)
A name/value pair to pass to the called element. Pairs are in the format x=y&a=b&c=d. This is useful if a string in this form is retrieved from a database field. It is more efficient to pass individual parameters rather than constructing a string in this form to pass values to an element.

SCOPED (optional)
Valid options for this attribute are as follows:


The CALLELEMENT tag processes the content of an element. The element must exist in the ElementCatalog.

Variables that exist prior to CALLELEMENT are available to tags within the called element. Variables set within the called element are available in the parent element after the CALLELEMENT tag. Variables can also be set using the ARGUMENT tag within the CALLELEMENT tag or by using the PACKEDARGS parameter.

Variables for the CALLELEMENT tag are subject to an order of precedence. The order of precedence is relative to the location of the variable as follows:

The following are examples of how the order of precedence works:

Note: There was a bug that the caller variables were available in the callee when the scope is local. This has been fixed in version 11gR1. To go back to the previous behavior add -DuseLegacyLocalScoping=true to JVM parameter.

The tag also supports 'custom elements' feature. If there exist a custom element for passed-in 'element' value then Sites will call that custom element instead of original element.
For example, if element 'CustomElements/fatwire/ui/util/ValidateFileUpload' has been implemented as custom implementation then existing element 'fatwire/ui/util/ValidateFileUpload' will not be called when below tag executes -

<CALLELEMENT NAME="fatwire/ui/util/ValidateFileUpload">
For scenario where inspite of having custom element, requirement is to ignore custom element and call original element, use brackets in element name -
<CALLELEMENT NAME="[fatwire/ui/util/ValidateFileUpload]">
Above tag will execute the exact element (fatwire/ui/util/ValidateFileUpload), not the one present inside CustomElements folder.
Note: The tag isElement(elementName) does not support bracket in element name.

Error Numbers

The possible values of errno include:

No element exists.
Cannot evaluate element.


This example calls the element SimpleTest with the arguments Foo and Foo2.

You can specify PACKEDARGS in the following format:

The parameters Foo and Foo2 with values Bar and Bar2 are available to the element SimpleTest.

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