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Obtains the legal values for a parameter from the cart.



NAME (required)
Input parameter. Name of the shopping cart.

FIELD (required)
Input parameter. Name of the cart parameter for which to obtain legal values.

STOREID (optional)
Input parameter. ID of the store for which legal values should be retrieved, if the cart represents more than one store. Use it to retrieve shipping-related legal values. May also be used to retrieve payment-related legal values. It is ignored otherwise.

LISTVARNAME (required)
Input and output parameter. As input, name of the list to create on output with the following columns:


The legal values returned by CART.GETLEGALVALUES may be supplied by Transact, and may be incomplete until the cart is checked. Shopping Cart Parameters, for cart parameter names and values. No list is created if the cart has not yet been checked, or if there are no fixed possibilities for the parameter.


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