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Logs out a user from within an application using the CATALOGMANAGER command.



ftcmd (required)
Value must be set to logout.

killsession (optional)
If the value is set to true, it destroys the session maintained on the server. This should only be done at the end of processing a given HTTP request since you can't recover or re-create a session until the next HTTP connect issued by the client. This is useful for web users after they finish their session.


This tag logs a user out from an application. Please note that as of Content Server version 4.0, the CatalogManager logout command is not valid when CatalogManager security is activated. Using the CatalogManager logout command with CatalogManager security is activated results in the session being destroyed and possible application errors.

Error Numbers

The possible values of errno include:

Database error.


This example logs out the logged in user.

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