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Aborts a mirror operation in progress using the CATALOGMANAGER command.


errno is not set. No error is generated if the value for a particular column is invalid (for example, enter a text character into an integer type field). Valid column edits succeed, invalid column edits do not. We recommend that you check your input carefully.



ftcmd (required)
Value must be set to mirrorabort.


This tag aborts a mirror operation in progress. Note that when you use this command there can be a variety of errno values returned.

Error Numbers

The possible values of errno include:

Mirror operation succeeded.
Database error.
Returned from mirrorabort when a mirror operation is not currently in progress.
Mirror operation in progress.
Required variables are missing from the mirrorrows CatalogManager command.
The data (file) associated with a url column could not be found on the source machine.
The schema for a column on the source machine can not be determined.
No rows to mirror from the target system.
Current mirroring operation was aborted via the mirrorabort command.
A connection could not be established to the mirror target server.
The network disconnected communication between the source and target machines.
An attempt was made to mirror from a machine where the database columns are mixed case to a system where the database columns are case-sensitive.
Mirror commit operation failed.
Target server returned an invalid configuration connection message.
Obsolete; is not returned.
Could not create a temporary table on the target server.
Could not delete the temporary table.
Server does not support this mirror operation.
Table is not an Object table.
No tree nodes found matching the nid parameter of FTTreeNode.


The following example aborts a mirror operation.

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