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Updates or clears values in columns for a row in a table using the CATALOGMANAGER command.


errno is not set. No error is generated if the value for a particular column is invalid (for example, enter a text character into an integer type field). Valid column edits succeed, invalid column edits do not. We recommend that you check your input carefully.



ftcmd (required)
Value must be set to updaterow2.

tablename (required)
Name of the table containing the row to be updated.

primarykey (optional)
Value of row's primary key. The primarykey parameter name is the primary key's column name.

columnname (optional)
Each column in the row to be modified. columnname is a table column name.

urlcolumnname_folder (optional)
A subfolder name to store the uploaded file. The file is then stored under the upload folder and the subfolder. The upload folder is specified in the SystemInfo table's defdir column. Note that you can have multiple upload columns.

Upload columns are designated by the prefix url. The column name in the table must begin with url (for example, urltext). The argument name must include the table's column name with _folder appended to the column name (for example, urltext_folder).

columnname_file (required for non-binary files)
The name of the file you want to upload. The column name in the table must begin with url (for example, urltext). The argument name must have _file appended to the table's column name (for example, urltext_file).

tablekey (optional)
Use the tablekey parameter if you want to update rows based on a value other than the primary key. The value of tablekey is the column name of the column you use to perform the update. For example, if you want to update a table based on the value in the title column, the tablekey parameter looks as follows:

tablekeyvalue (optional)
Value in the tablekey column of the row you want to update.

updaterowNullColumns (optional)
A comma-separated list of columns that are to be cleared if no data is supplied when the user submits a form.

Note that if this list is supplied, other columns are ignored and are not cleared.


Like updaterow , updaterow2 updates values in columns for a row in a table; however, in contrast to updaterow, which does not allow you to clear columns, updaterow2 allows you to clear columns if there is no value for the specified column (for example, if there is no related field in the form, or if the field on the form was left blank).

Error Numbers

The possible values of errno include:

No such table.
No table definition.
Database error.


This example uses a form to update the description and rating fields in the movies table for a given movie.

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