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Slots a raw number into a calculated interval.



This tag logs a raw number, such as age or income, as an interval (range). The raw number is converted into a range by the tag, which then stores the calculated value in a string.


RAWNUMBER (required)
Input parameter. A string numeric value to fit into an interval.

TYPE (required)
Input parameter. Type of interval to which to fit the raw number. There are two default types defined in the commercedata.ini file: age and income. There can also be user-defined types. Each type has two variants: typelowest and typeinterval.

INTERVAL (required)
Input and output parameter. As input, name of variable to hold a calculated interval on output.


Given default values of agelowest=5 and ageinterval=10, the following tag returns the value "5-14" in the variable range.

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