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Purges all rows in the specified tables that were created on or before a specified date.



TABLENAMES (required)
Input parameter. List of tables from which to purge rows. Use spaces or tabs to separate names.

BEFOREDATE (required)
Input parameter. A date expressed in long format; that is, in milliseconds from the epoch. All rows in the specified tables entered on and before this date are purged. The tables on which you wish to use the CDM.FLUSHTABLEROWS tag must be listed in the cd.tablenames property of the commercedata.ini file.


This tag is used in the element OpenMarket/CommerceData/FlushTableRows. A page request to OpenMarket/CommerceData/FlushTableRows&thru=yyyy-mm-ddhh:mm:ss, results in a call to CDM.CONVERTDATETOLONG to convert the entered date to long format; that is, to milliseconds from the epoch. The converted date is then used as input to the CDM.FLUSHTABLEROWS tag. You must have the SiteGod ACL or the TableEditor ACL in your user profile to use this tag.

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