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Generates a MAC query string value for a string resembling a name-value pair URL query string, with a specific store's current key.



VALUE (required)
Input parameter. String from which the MAC should be calculated. It should be in the name-value pair format: "name1=val1&name2=val2" This is typically used in URL query strings.


Use the character code & as input instead of the ampersand character (&).

STOREID (required)
Input parameter. Identifier of the Transact store whose secret keys are used to generate the MAC.

VARNAME (required)
Input and output parameter. Name of a variable to write to with the payload string of the form "MAC:value&kid=storeid.keyID&ss=env". For example, with a value of name1=val1 and storeID of 400003, the following could be returned (depending on current key values):

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