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Deletes a revision of a row from a tracked table.



TABLE (required)
Name of the table containing row whose revision is to be deleted.

ASSET (required)
Value of the primary key for the row whose revision is to be deleted.

VERSION (required)
Version of the row to delete. Values for VERSION_NUM are:


The DELETEREVISION tag deletes a revision of a row from a tracked table. The current user must have rtadmin access to the tracked table to perform this operation. If the most recent revision is locked, deleting the most recent revision also deletes the lock on it.

Error Numbers

The possible values of errno include:

Command failure. Check the errdetail variable for the specific variable.


This example assumes all DELETEREVISION parameters are exposed on an HTML form. It first checks whether the parameters exist, clears any values from errno, then deletes the revision.

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