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Returns a list of all users.



LIST (required)
List in which to return the distinguished names of all descendants found. The names returned are relative to the baseDN property.

Specifies the root of the Sites user tree. If this parameter is not specified the default is the value specified in the CS.Property.dir.people.Parent property.

Error Numbers

The possible values of errno include:
Implementation doesn't support this operation
Unexpected naming exceptions from JNDI provider.
A required property missing, or class name specified for factory classes is in error.
Unexpected schema violation errors from JNDI provider.
General error in the syntax of an IName.
Unexpected invalid attribute exceptions from JNDI provider
Unexpected invalid attribute id exceptions from JNDI provider.
Unexpected invalid attribute value exceptions from JNDI provider.
User does not have permission to perform the operation.
Unexpected JNDI read error.
Unexpected JNDI write error.
JNDI attribute already in use.
User is already a member.
User is not a member.
User is not valid.
Unexpected JNDI connection errors.
Required attribute missing.
Unknown error.
SQL error.
Query failed.
Database error occurred while attempting to delete an attribute.
Missing or invalid child argument tags for tag.


The parameter commonancestor may be specified to override the CS.Property.dir.peopleParent value. The same results may be achieved using the dir.children tag, the dir.listusers tag is provided as a convenience for user operations.


Release Introduced

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