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Declares a value that is available to the parent tag.



NAME (required)
Name of the argument.

VALUE (required)
Value for the argument.

CONDITION (optional)
If the expression evaluates to true, then the argument will be used. If it evaluates to false, the argument will be ignored. By default, the argument will be included.


The ICS.ARGUMENT tag declares a value that is available to the parent tag. It is used in the context of another ICS tag, and causes a runtime error if it is not contained within a proper parent tag.

Error Numbers

There are no possible errno for this tag.


The following example uses four ICS.ARGUMENT tags to specify name/value pairs to an CATALOGMANAGER command:

   <ICS.ARGUMENT NAME="ftcmd"  VALUE="addrow"/>
   <ICS.ARGUMENT NAME="tablename" VALUE="HorrorBooks"/>
   <ICS.ARGUMENT NAME="title"  VALUE="The Shining"/>
   <ICS.ARGUMENT NAME="author" VALUE="Variables.author" CONDITION="IsVariable.author=true" />
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