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Writes strings to the Sites log file for debugging or system monitoring.



MSG (required)
Text of the message to write to the log file.

NAME (optional)
Optionally specify the logger which will be used to log this message. Default is com.fatwire.logging.cs

SEVERITY (optional)
String value which specifies the severity of the log message. Valid strings are as follows:

  • trace

  • debug

  • info (if severity is not specified or invalid, info is the default severity)

  • warn

  • error

  • fatal

Note: Visibilty of log message depends on the setting in log4j.properties for the specified logger.


Use this tag if you want to perform debugging or system monitoring. The log strings are written to your Sites log file.

Error Numbers

The possible values of errno include:

A required parameter is missing.


<ICS.LOGMSG MSG="Log messsage" NAME="com.fatwire.logging.cs.xml" SEVERITY="ERROR" />

The following example writes the error number to the log file:

<IF COND="Variables.errno!= 0" >
    <ICS.LOGMSG MSG="Error Variables.errno " />

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