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Deprecated as of Content Server version 7.6



WORDLIST (optional)
Words to add to the index. These are whitespace-separated by default but you can use the WORDLISTDELIMITERS parameter to specify something else. Use this parameter to replace text that is not associated with a field of the index.

String containing delimiter characters to use to separate words in the value of the TEXTARGUMENT tag and the WORDLIST parameter. White space is used as delimiter characters if WORDLISTDELIMITERS is not specified.

FILELIST (optional)
For AltaVista, specify a comma-separated list of files to add. For Verity, specify a single file (not a list of files). Use this parameter to replace text that is not associated with a field of the index.

DATE (optional)
Date string to replace to the index entry. If no DATE_STRING is specified, the INDEXADD time is returned in the search results. Format is in Java SQL.

Constant value representing the character set the index uses. For the AltaVista search engine this value may be 0, 1, or 2 (ISO_LATIN1, ASCII8, UTF8). If you do not specify CHARACTERSET, Sites uses the value of av.charset from the Sites properties file. Because Java Strings are transformed to UTF8, as they pass through the JNI interface to AltaVista, the 0 value only works for 7-bit ASCII. For all other cases, use the value for UTF8. For the Verity search engine, this value specifies the name of the subdirectory of the common directory where the locale is defined. If you do not specify CHARACTERSET, Sites uses the value of verity.charset in the Sites properties file.

Name of the search engine to use. If SEARCHENGINE is not specified, Sites uses the value of cs.searchengine in the Sites properties file.


The INDEXREPLACE tag replaces an existing entry in a search index.

Arguments are optional using FILEARGUMENT, DATEARGUMENT and TEXTARGUMENT tags. These arguments specify the index field (the NAME parameter) to which the data (the VALUE parameter) is to be added to. The FILEARGUMENT value is a comma separated list of files whose content is added to the index with the given name. The DATEARGUMENT is a date string specified in JAVASQL format. The TEXTARGUMENT value is a string delimited by white space. The white-space delimiter characters may be overridden by the WORDLISTDELIMITERS tag.

The search engine collects arguments with the same name into a concatenated single value for that field.

Error Numbers

The possible values of errno include:

File not found.
Cannot load search engine.
Index remove failed.
No default index specified.
Unknown search engine.
Could not call native method.
Index does not exist.
Duplicate field values. (Verity only)
Could not create temporary populated file. (Verity only)
Could not create temporary data file. (Verity only)

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