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Sends SMTP email messages to one or more recipients.



to (required)
Comma-separated list of recipients' e-mail addresses to receive the message

from (optional)
E-mail address of the sender. If a value is not specified, the value cs.emailreturnto in the Sites properties is used.

subject (optional)
Subject of the message.

body (optional)
Body of the mail message.

replyto (optional)
Alternate e-mail address to which you wish replies to go. If a value is not specified, replies go to the sender's address specified in the from parameter. The address will not be visible until the receipient replies.

contenttype (optional)
Type of content you are sending. The default is text/html.

charset (optional)
Character set of your content. The default is the system default.


To send mail, the Sites properties file must contain valid values for the cs.emailhost and cs.emailreturnto properties. To receive mail, the Sites properties file must contain valid values for the cs.emailhost, cs.emailaccount, and cs.emailpassword properties.

Error Numbers

The possible values of errno include:

Cannot Send Mail

Release Introduced

This tag was introduced in CS release 5.0.

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