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Installs an object.



CLASSNAME (required)
Class name of the object.

DIR (optional)
Directory of the object.

ACL (optional)
ACL of the object.

TRACK (optional)
Indicates if the table associated with the implementing class should be revision tracked.

ARG1 (optional)
Argument 1.

ARG2 (optional)
Argument 2.


This tag creates an installation of the implementing class. This typically involves creating the tables to allow for storage of instances of the class. The installation method should use one of the following prototypes:

The argument in the second prototype is a vector of a column elements, represented by the ColumnElement class. These typically represent column definitions using the ColumnDefinition class.

Error Numbers

The possible values of errno include:

Implementing class is invalid.
There is a missing method for the implementing class.
The method could not be invoked successfully.
A required parameter is missing
Invalid attribute value.


The following example creates an object table with the additional columns name and description.

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