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Retrieves a list of objects.



CLASSNAME (required)
Classname of the object.

LIST (required)
Specifies the name of the list in the list pool. This is the same list pool used by other Sites tags that generate lists. If a list exists with the same name, it is replaced by the new list.

ORDER (optional)
Specifies a comma separated list of names that should be used to order the list of objects.

ARG1 (optional)
Argument 1.

ARG2 (optional)
Argument 2.

ARGUMENT (optional)
Name/value pairs to set in the object.


This tag builds a list of objects that meet the specified criteria. The criteria are a list of name/value pairs, which must be present in the object. The implementing class must implement a list method. The list method should have one of the following prototypes:

Error Numbers

The possible values of errno include:

No rows returned.
Database error.
The implementing class is invalid.
There is a missing method for the implementing class.
The method could not be invoked successfully.
A required parameter is missing.
Invalid attribute value.


The following example lists all objects in the sample table.

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