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Retrieves a list of root nodes.



CLASS (required)
Class name of the object.

LIST (required)
Specifies the name of the list in the list pool.

OBJECTTYPE (optional)
Type of object.

OBJECTID (optional)
Id of the object.

Version of the object.

CODE (optional)
Allows selection of nodes based on their associated code.

ORDER (optional)
Specifies a comma separated list of field names that should be used to order the list of objects.

ARG1 (optional)
Argument one.


This tag builds a list of node objects that have no parent, and are therefore considered root nodes.

Error Numbers

The possible values of errno include:

The implementing class is invalid.
There is a missing method for the implementing class.
The method could not be invoked successfully.
The object ID is not valid.
The version of the object is not valid.


The following example retrieves a list of root nodes from the com.openmarket.framework.objects.AbstractObject class.

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