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Retracts the checkout of an object.



NAME (required)
Name of the object.

REVERT (optional)
Specifies that the object should revert back to its last committed state. The default value true causes the object to revert back to its last committed state. Specifying the value false removes the checkout lock with out reverting the object back to the last committed state.

FLUSH (optional)
Flushes the object from the object pool. A true value indicates the object should be flushed. The default value is false.


This tag is used for retracting a checkout made on an object in the Sites system. The object can be reverted to its last committed state, or have the checkout lock removed.

Error Numbers

The possible values of errno include:

A required parameter is missing.
The requested object is not in the object pool (is not loaded into
Database table is not revision tracked.
Object is not checked out
Unable to undo check out specified object


The following example retracts the checkout for object1, reverts it to it the last committed state, and flushes it from memory.

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