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Describes the current asset dependencies as incomplete.



ASSETTYPE (optional)
If provided, only a publish or change to any asset of the type specified will indicate a change to the current page, and require the page to be regenerated. If the ASSETTYPE argument is not provided, any asset changed or published will cause the current page to be regenerated.


This tag should be used in cases when pages have undeterminable dependencies on assets in general, or on assets of a specific type. For example, use this tag on a page which uses a query which yields a different result each time the query is generated.

When rendering a page during export publish and the RENDER.UNKNOWNDEPS tag is encountered, Sites marks the page's dependencies as being unknown or incomplete, or if ASSETTYPE is specified, unknown with respect to a specific asset type. The next export publish operation after any asset change, or after an asset change to an asset of the specified type, when ASSETTYPE is provided, will re-export the page to ensure the data contained in the exported pages is current.

When a cacheable template using this tag is rendered on a live mirror publish destination, the pagelet generated will be cached until a subsequent mirror publish operation occurs to that target. Then, the pagelet will be flushed from cache and regenerated. If an ASSETTYPE attribute is specified, a publish to the live site of an asset of the type specified will cause the pagelet to be flushed from the pagelet cache, and regenerated.

Exception: If the futuretense_xcel.ini property xcelerate.donotregenerate is set to unknowndeps or *, then when a page is flushed from the cache, it will not be automatically regenerated until requested by normal website activity.

Preview operations that render templates use the RENDER.UNKNOWNDEPS tag to figure out when to flush the pagelets cached during preview page generation. The algorithm is similar to that used by mirror or export publish above.

NOTE: The functionality of this tag may be automatically invoked when you use some other Sites tags that generate generic queries, specifically the ASSETSET family and the COMMERCECONTEXT.GETRECOMMENDATIONS tag. It is unnecessary to include the RENDER.UNKNOWNDEPS tag when you are using them.

Error Numbers

There are no possible errno for this tag.

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